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Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr To Commit $10 Million for Restoration of Historic Orchard Beach Pavilion

Although Robert Moses created Orchard Beach by destroying LeRoy’s Bay in Pelham Bay Park by filling in 1/3 of the bay with landfill and sand from Sandy Hook in Jersey to create the actual beach, he nevertheless created a gem we love and call The Bronx Riviera.

Now, after decades of neglect, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr announced during his State of The Bronx today that his office is committing $10 million for the restoration of the landmarked Orchard Beach Pavilion, an Art Deco masterpiece.

Camping along the Bronx Riviera: 10 Lucky Groups Win A Chance To Sleep Under The Stars In City’s Largest Park

Over 500 folks signed up to win one of only ten coveted spots to get to camp in Pelham Bay Park at Orchard Beach this past Saturday.

Unfortunately I didn’t win but fortunately my friend and neighbor did and was gracious enough to extend two of four spots allotted per group to us. Naturally I said yes.

We arrived at Orchard Beach at the appointed time of 6PM, unpacked our car and trekked our way towards section 1 just outside the entrance that leads to Twin Island and Two Tree Island. We were greeted by our rangers for the evening, Deli, Nick, and Mel, who gave us our tents and provided some basic assistance on how to set them up. You know, being city-slickers, such knowledge isn’t quite innate to our kind.

JLo To Perform Free Concert In the Bronx At Orchard Beach

In what is being touted as ‘Giving Back To The Block That Raised Her Up’, JLo will be performing for the first time EVER in the Bronx. Perhaps JLo or her people really ARE reading Welcome2TheBronx. We’ve been the ONLY ones out there that have criticized her for not giving more to the community that she claims made who she is.

The Survivors Of Orchard Beach; Sand, surf and unspeakable horrors | The Jewish Week

I grew up in the rock-and-roll ’50s in an immigrant community in the Bronx where all of our friends’ parents had blue tattoos on their arms, some large, some small, some buried under bushy arm hair and silver wristwatches, but always a row of numbers. Our parents had gold teeth, heavy accents, and names we never heard on television. The memories of my childhood summer days — the contrast between the bucolic and the indescribably horrible — served as my Holocaust 101.