WATCH: Bronx Christmas House Owners Decline Offers to Help Light House This year

As we reported yesterday, the Garabedian home in Pelham Parkway, otherwise known as “The Bronx Christmas House”, has gone dark for the first time in 46 years due to the homeowners ongoing health issues.

People all across social media, upon hearing the news that this iconic home would not be lit for the holidays, offered to gather the troops and volunteer to help them.

According to News12 The Bronx, even Amazon had reached out and offered to help but the Garabedians declined saying, “…we don’t feel like it’s us doing it, you know?” he says. “So it’s a tradition that we did 46 years and we want to keep it like a family thing.”

They’re hoping that next year they’ll come back bigger and better than ever but in the meantime, they do want to have, at the very least, the nativity scene up and running due to their religious beliefs.

The Bronx Christmas House in years past was a spectacle to behold/Image Copyright Debby Deb

To the Garabedians we thank you for almost half a century of delights and we hope that you return to good health and remember that your health is more important.

The lights are secondary.

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