Citi Bike Launched Today in The Bronx: Here’s What You Need to Know

This morning we saw the launch of NYC Ferry at Soundview giving thousands of commuters a new option for getting to their destinations.

Later in the afternoon Citi Bike held their official launch party as their new dockless bikes hit the streets of Fordham and surrounding neighborhoods joining JUMP Bikes, another dockless system which launched in the area last month.

After a few remarks at Fordham Plaza, we took to the streets with residents trying out the new bikes as we made our way to Tuff City for the launch party.

We had a dope escort blasting some great tunes with a disco ball in tow!

Yes there was even a disco ball at the launch event

Citi Bike (as well as JUMP) is testing their new dockless bikes where you can just leave them (or pick them up) anywhere in the pilot area which is completely different to the existing network of designated areas with docking stations.

If you already have a Citi Bike membership then you’re all set and ready to go as these bikes are part of the same network (although you still can’t take them out of the test area and drop them off in say Manhattan. Well you can but you will be charged any penalties which may apply).

If you don’t then fret not just head over to their website and sign up.

Pricing is pretty affordable across all income ranges as NYCHA and residents on public assistance qualify for a heavily discounted $5/month membership vs the regular membership of $169/per year.

Don’t forget to read the full special op-ed offering more details on what Citi Bike in The Bronx means to you for more information on the program.

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