The Bronx is Officially A Clown Car After Kasich Comes To Arthur Avenue—All We Need is Trump

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Hey, presidential candidates! We see (right through) you.

Just like a circus clown car, the politicians running for president won’t stop popping up in The Bronx with 3 making appearances in our borough after Bernie Sanders took our borough by storm a week ago.

This morning we had Hillary pretending to know how to ride a subway, yesterday Ted Cruz was forced to cancel a visit to a Bronx high school after two students eloquently wrote a letter on why they would walk out if Cruz showed up, and yesterday also received a not so warm welcome by The Bronx’s own Rebel Diaz.

And now John Kasich, the Republican Governor of Ohio has joined the crew who chowed down on the Italian delights of Arthur Avenue at Mike’s Deli.

The funny thing about all of this is that none of them cared about our borough until Bernie Sanders’ massive rally a week ago which drew an estimated crowd of 18,500.

Kasich was the only one that drew folks in at an estimated 200 supporters while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton held what was described as a “private, spontaneous press event” this morning when she rode the 4 train with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

The only one that really seems genuinely interested in The Bronx is Bernie Sanders who actually came to our borough 3 years ago to learn more about a wonderful health care institution called Urban Health Plan.

Besides that, Team Bernie has been hard at work in The Bronx since 2015 and aren’t just arriving on the scene because the New York primary is less than two weeks away. Sanders also has a Bronx office on Williamsbridge Road so unlike the rest he as some roots firmly planted here in our borough.

Clinton, Cruz, Kasich? Not so much.

Now all we need is Trump to show up to complete the crew of politicians filing into The Bronx playing follow the leader after Bernie’s superstar welcome to The Bronx.

The reality of this is that none of these politicians have shown an ounce of care for our borough and now that they got their photo-ops, they’ll probably never come back or even remotely care about what happens to The Bronx.

Their visits right after last week’s huge political rally is such a stark contrast with that energy and vibrancy at the St Mary’s park event in the South Bronx is so transparent and obvious pandering that it’s beyond nauseating: It’s downright frustrating to see them use us.

Luckily, Bronxites are a lot smarter than these politicians think and they see right through these tactics.

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