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This Video Pretty Much Sums Up Why We Love The REAL Little Italy & The Bronx’s Italian Restaurants

In a borough that is home to so many great mom and pop restaurants and the home of Arthur Ave, New York City’s REAL Little Italy, it always baffles me why someone in The Bronx would choose to go to a chain restaurant like the Olive Garden.

That’s DEFINITELY not the ‘cucina italaliana’ (Italian kitchen) I grew up with spending time with my Italian high school friends and their families.

Bronx Man Celebrates 105th Birthday! – NY1

From NY1:

“It seems that a Bronx man has found the fountain of youth. Joe Binder from Belmont is celebrating his 105th birthday. NY1’s Erin Clarke filed this report.

Joe Binder has a secret to living a long life.

“You’ve got to be kind to people and stay away from stress,” Binder says. “I don’t carry any grudges. Turn the other cheek.”

That motto has served him well over the years—105 years yeas to be precise.”=

The Comprehensive Guide to the Real “Little Italy” of NYC via SpoiledNYC

We already know that Arthur Avenue in Belmont is the undisputed REAL Little Italy of New York and each time we read about it we get even happier that it continues to receive that distinction.

This time, SpoiledNYC writes:

Let’s be honest, Arthur Avenue is one of the best-kept secrets of New York City.

New York City’s REAL Little Italy in the Bronx is Featured in the BBC

While Bronxites and countless New Yorkers know that if they want the best Italian experience in the city you avoid Manhattan’s Little Italy, many do not know to come to Arthur Avenue in Belmont the Bronx.

The BBC has published an interesting video report (link to video at the bottom of the story) on the changing faces of Belmont, something which many readers and Bronxites have commented on.