Money Matters

It’s Illegal For Landlords to Deny Housing For Those Receiving Aid

Bronxites see it all the time: An ad for the perfect apartment which they can afford but then the line that sinks their hopes—”sorry, no Section 8 or programs.”

Many hard working Bronx residents working low wage jobs, qualify for such lifelines like rental assistance to get them by and even those who are unemployed for health reasons too.

But it is illegal, yes illegal, for a landlord to deny housing to someone based on their legal income which includes section 8 programs and the likes.

Over $14 Billion in Unclaimed Funds In New York State—Find Out If You Have Money Coming to You

PIX11 News reports that New York State has a whopping $14 billion in unclaimed funds with New York City’s take at over $2.75 billion alone (The Bronx’s share is approximately $250 million).

The unclaimed funds come from a variety of sources such as security deposits on utilities, forgotten savings accounts, and others, and, to date, New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli has returned over $437 million in 2015 and according to his website, the office returns $1 million each day. Click to find out how to check if you’re owed money!

New York Times Poll Suggests 36% of Bronx Residents Struggling To Get By

The New York Times has released an article on a recent poll they conducted which indicates that roughly half of New York City residents are barely able to make ends meet. In The Bronx, that number is at 36%. The Bronx also leads New York City with the percentage of residents (25% of respondents) who do not feel confident that local government elected officials are not addressing the multitude of problems facing our borough.

Shell Companies Defrauding Homeowners From Their Deeds; Protect Your Property!

What do you do if the person you thought was helping you keep your home was in fact taking it right from under your feet?

Sometimes Bronx homeowners and families find themselves in desperate situations whether due to a bleak economic downturn or health issues both which can lead to unemployment or underemployment.

This leaves this segment of the population vulnerable to predators from all sides who will claim to help save your home but in reality are conspiring to take it away from you.

The New York Times has published a special report on the never ending scam of shell companies which promise the world to desperate homeowners and without the homeowner realizing, their homes are taken away from them.