Over $14 Billion in Unclaimed Funds In New York State—Find Out If You Have Money Coming to You


PIX11 News reports that New York State has a whopping $14 billion in unclaimed funds with New York City’s take at over $2.75 billion alone (The Bronx’s share is approximately $250 million).

The unclaimed funds come from a variety of sources such as security deposits on utilities, forgotten savings accounts, and others, and, to date, New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli has returned over $437 million in 2015 and according to his website, the office returns $1 million each day.

In New York City the number of accounts and funds owed are as follows:

  • BRONX 444,807 accounts owed a total of $250,113,166
  • KINGS 976,617 accounts owed a total of $562,224,676
  • NEW YORK 1,504,626 accounts owed a total of $1,432,882,027
  • QUEENS 958,554 accounts owed a total of $486,783,809
  • RICHMOND 132,588 accounts owed a total of $59,961,516

Total 4,017,192 accounts owed a total of $2,791,965,194

Check out the informational video below on how to search the database to see if you have money that is owed to you and check out the link below for more information.

Head on over to the official New York State Office of the State Comptroller’s website for unclaimed funds to find out more.

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