SEE IT: Dolphins spotted this week in The Bronx River!

First the beavers arrived and made the Bronx River their home—the first time the critters called New York City home in over 200 years.

Now, this week not one but two dolphins were spotted in the Bronx River at Starlight Park near Bronx River House, home of the Bronx River Alliance.

According to NYC Parks Twitter account, they confirmed the sightings of the dolphins and provided a video by a local named Nick Banko who first reported their presence in the Bronx River on his Instagram account.

The Bronx River Alliance posted about the dolphins saying, “Did you know dolphins were spotted at Starlight Park this past Monday? There seems to be more dolphin pods swimming near NY Harbor! We are not sure why but authorities are further investigating their presence and we will keep you updated as we get more info.”

Meanwhile, State Assemblyman Kenny Burgos who’s district covers the area where the dolphins were spotted said he was going to cancel his entire schedule to go dolphin sighting in the district.

The fact that dolphins are in the Bronx River is a testament to the hard work of local residents and organizations like the Bronx River Alliance that have helped revive what was once one of the most polluted waterways in the city. At one point, it was filled with abandoned cars, car tires, and tons of garbage until local residents organized and said enough was enough.

Through their hard work and sweat equity, the river is the cleanest it’s been in over a century and wildlife, as evidenced by the beavers, and now,, dolphins, have returned and are flourishing in the once polluted waters.

The Bronx River is also periodically restocked with alewife fish that use a fish ladder system within the river to return to their spawning grounds much like salmon hence why the dolphins are here since there is a food source for them thriving in the river’s ecology.

While we all may be excited that we have dolphins in our own backyard, NYC Parks reminds us to please make them feel welcome by not disturbing them and giving them space. It’s ok to go see them but please keep that advice in mind for their sake!

We would love to continue hosting dolphins for generations to come so please keep them safe!

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Ed García Conde

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