Much Like His Presidency, Trump Golf Course in The Bronx is a Failure

Since opening in 2015, just months before the fascist, white supremacist, racist pig known as Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy, the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point has been struggling first with attendance and now financially.

Attendance has been dropping since the first year and now documents show that last year the course lost money for the first time.

According to factual data and not fake news or alternative facts that Trump and his followers like to spew, the course lost $122,000 and all this on top of other Trump golf courses losing money or showing a decline in revenue according to The Washington Post.

Trump, then mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr announcing the completion of the course in 2013 but it didn’t even open until 2015/Image via Office of the Mayor

The Washington Post reports:

Before last year, the Bronx golf course had managed to turn a profit of about $500,000 per year — helped by the city paying its water bills and not asking for rent.

Last year, however, the club’s expenses rose faster than its revenue, according to the Trump Organization’s filing. It fell into the red.

“He’s managed to do the impossible: Get this amazing gift from the city, and lose money,” said Geoffrey Croft, of the watchdog group NYC Park Advocates. He said one major problem was “the terrible reputation of the Trump name” in New York, after Trump’s rise as a hard-right politician. Croft also blamed the Trump club’s high greens fees, which top out at $224 per round. Most of the city’s other public courses charge $53 at most.

As per usual, the Trump Organization is blaming the city rather than taking the blame themselves.

The Trump Organization is blaming a gas pipe running through the course is inadequate and caused them delays but ConEd disputed this by saying that they provide adequate gas to the site. They further added that they are not part of the dispute and that it’s between the organization and New York City.

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