WATCH: The Bronx’s Millie Peartree Serves Generations Old Soul Food Recipes

Ok, so we have yet to try the food over at Millie Peartree Fish Fry & Soul Food but reading the recent articles on her food and watching this video has us salivating.

I mean look at those candied yams and greens and not to mention the mac and cheese!

A couple of months ago, The New York Times featured Millie and her restaurant on the Grand Concourse in Fordham Manor and had the following to say:

There might be a short wait, because everything is fried to order: supple fillets of whiting, ready to flake, and firmer catfish, along with generous bulges of shrimp. All are buried in cornmeal and plunged in seething oil, to emerge with a shrug of gold.

The cooking sounds straightforward, and Millie Peartree, the Bronx-born chef and owner, insists that it is. “Make sure the fish is fresh,” she said — she gets hers delivered daily from a purveyor in Hunts Point — “so the batter will cling. Oil at the right temperature. It’s not rocket science.”

Anyway, check this video by CBS

Millie Peartree Fish Fry & Soul Food is located at 2558 Grand Concourse at the corner of E 192nd Street.

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