Throggs Neck Property Values See Increase Near Golf Course


When work began at Ferry Point Golf Course in Throggs Neck, homes were priced at speculative prices banking on when the golf finally opened that homes would be worth considerably more.

From Brinsmade Ave to Emerson Ave and from Sampson down to Schurz Avenue, the area immediately adjacent to Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, property values have jumped by 26% as of October 2016 when compared to last year at the same time. During that same time period, Throggs Neck homes south of the Cross Bronx and Throgs Neck Expressways increased by just 6.6% showing a substantial difference the closer you get to the golf course.

Homes directly facing the golf course along Balcom, Miles, and Emerson Avenues saw a 36% increase in value since 2011 compared to Throggs Neck south of the highway which saw a 12.5% increase during that same time period and a 17.2% increase for the area immediately next to the course.

Only time will tell if property values will continue to increase at a higher rate than the rest of Throggs Neck since the opening of the Ferry Point Golf course last year.

Homeowners in the area are probably smiling right about now knowing that their properties are benefiting being next to such an amenity but not everyone is happy, particularly those who live in Throggs Neck Houses, the 36 building New York City Housing Authority development which houses over 3,000 residents.

According to Erin Clarke’s report on NY1:

At a nearby NYCHA complex, some residents disagree.

“They have done none of the above,” one resident claimed.

Community activist Monique Johnson says no instructors showed up for a free kids golf program on Columbus Day. And that jobs promised to NYCHA residents, including those who completed a caddy program, never came through.

“They let everyone of them go after the training stating that they did not qualify,” Johnson said. (read the rest: One Year Later, Is Trump’s Bronx Golf Course Up to Community’s Par?)

Do you live in the area? Thoughts? We’d love to hear what you think!

At least something positive has come out of the $230 million sandtrap.

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