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Tonight: Understanding Ebola Town Hall Discussion At The Bronx Museum Of The Arts

New York City Department of Immigrant Affairs along with NYC Department of Health have teamed up to give the community the REAL facts on Ebola as well as let the community ask questions and share their concerns.

The event will run tonight, Wednesday October 29th, from 6PM – 8PM and will be hosted at The Bronx Museum of The Arts located at:

1040 Grand Concourse

Bronx, NY 10456

Make sure you spread the word with your networks!

Important Ebola Awareness Event Sponsored by Bronx Ghanain Activist Felix Sarpong

In light of the recent attacks on two innocent, young Bronx African boys from Senegal and were called “Ebola”, the following is an important educational awareness event:

In response to the deadly Ebola virus outbreak that directly and indirectly affects the African community here in the Bronx and throughout the city, we the Ghanaian community in collaboration with the Hip Hop Pioneers Ground Breakers of the Bronx, have put together a comprehensive program to educate the immediate communities citywide and eventually take it globally. This collaboration is so great because the hip hop pioneers who were the original messengers are now being rebirth through this collaborative efforts with the new and growing Ghanaian community to bring forward awareness. We are requesting the assistant of local media and national media help us educate the global community. We invite the press to to take coverage of this important event and help disseminate information. You can also inform your media contacts that we have an open schedule for pre and post interviews. If we can get some press before the event it would be great!

The Bronx’s Montefiore Hospital Designated One of 8 In New York State To Treat Ebola Cases

Governor Cuomo announced today in a press conference that a total of eight hospitals across the state of New York as medical centers designated to treat ebola cases — Montefiore in The Bronx being one of them.

According to the press release, “Montefiore Health System president and CEO Steven M. Safyer, MD said, “We applaud Governor Cuomo for his leadership on this potential public health issue. New Yorkers will be well-served by having specialty centers located in their communities with the expertise to respond quickly and efficiently if the need arises. Montefiore, with its academic partner, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has nationally-recognized expertise in Ebola research and treating infectious diseases, and has a robust infection control program. We have been training our frontline care providers in best practices for many months to identify, isolate, and care for patients who may be infected with Ebola.”

NYC Issues Ebola Educational Outreach

Immediately upon the news that Ebola had reached the United States over in Dallas, TX, Welcome2TheBronx quickly issued an informative post on the basic facts about Ebola, how it’s transmitted, and what you can do to protect yourself but most of all to be educated on the topic.

Now, NYC Department of Health has issued more comprehensive educational material on Ebola and we would like to share that information with you so please refer to the information below:

First Case Of Ebola In United States History Diagnosed In Texas

The deadly virus known as Ebola has been diagnosed for the first time in US history in the state of Texas. While this may seem faraway from The Bronx, along with the African countries where the epidemic has broken, it is important to remember and be sensitive to the fact that our borough is home to the largest population of Africans in New York City.