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Great Bronx Gift Ideas For The Holidays Or Any Occasion!

The holidays are upon us and it’s that time of year where people are scratching their heads on what to buy their loved ones. Welcome2TheBronx would like to suggest the following list to consider as gifts for someone you love.

What better way to give someone something than an item from The Bronx or a Bronx based artist?! Please do know that this isn’t a complete list and should you want to be considered for inclusion in this list, feel free to reach out at info@welcome2thebronx.com

After 36 Years, A Son of the Bronx Returns Home; Publishes Book

Bronx born and raised, storyteller, writer and author, Martin Kleinman, returned back to his birthplace after a 36 year journey living abroad — in, Queens, Manhattan, and 25 years in Park Slope, Brooklyn. (Sorry, Staten Island, as he quipped in an article in the Huffington Post back in January on a de Blasio Mayoralty).