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Another Coyote Spotted In The Bronx This Morning!

No sooner than we posted the story about the fisher roaming The Bronx, we were alerted by Lovie Pignata of Morris Perk that a coyote was spotted in The Bronx during the wee hours of the morning today.

42 year old Bronx born and raised Joseph Martinez, known as Jupiter Joe, was outside around 3:10AM this morning on Bronx Park East when he and a neighbor spotted the lone coyote walking around Ben Abrams Playground. In a phone interview with Joseph, he told us he was out taking pictures for a photography book he’s putting together of constellations as seen from The Bronx.

Yet Another Wild Animal, Once Gone From The City, Is Spotted In The Bronx

Wild animals are making a comeback in The Bronx — and not at the Bronx Zoo.

Back in April, NYPD officer Derek Lenart spotted an unfamiliar animal which turned out to be a fisher which is related to the weasel family. This was the first reported sighting of a fisher within city limits in modern history.