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NYPD Cars Blocking Bike Lanes In Melrose Along With FDNY Firefighters Double Parking Creating Safety Hazard

A few weeks ago as I was biking southbound along Melrose Avenue, I was abruptly stopped at E 156th Street due to NYPD vehicles parking at 90 angle that placed their vehicles over the southbound bike lane blocking it completely.

I had to think quickly and the only safe option was to immediately swerve over to the sidewalk and dismount my bike and walk the block to get back on the lane.

FreshDirect, Operation Move Along, And The South Bronx Waterfront: Yes, They Are Related

This week, Mayor De Blasio’s ambitious plan to reduce pedestrian fatalities, Vision Zero, began in the Bronx with Operation Move Along on 138th Street (between Third and Jackson Avenues) by cracking down on double parking. Officers from the 40th precinct slapped educational flyers on double parked cars but on March 16th they will begin issuing summonses for illegally parked vehicles.

The East 138th Street corridor is one of the South Bronx’s busiest roads with trucks and traffic already roaring across it to get from one end of the borough to the other.

Mayor De Blasio Launches ‘Vision Zero’ Initiative & Website In Effort To Curb Pedestrian & Traffic Fatalities

Last year there were 156 pedestrian fatalities on the streets of New York City representing an increase from 2012 as well as 2011. According to an analysis done by the Daily News of NYPD statistics, there were 7 pedestrian related deaths during the first 12 days of this year and if this trend were to continue it would put us on pace to hit well over 200 fatalities this year.