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Successful Pop-Up ‘Mix Cafe’ Looking To Open Permanently In Port Morris

Earlier this year in April we got a taste of an awesome pop-up cafe called the Mix Cafe and for three glorious days we had a spot to chill, relax and have a hot chocolate or some good coffee served with a side of great conversations with out neighbors. Now the Daily News is reporting that the cafe is looking to raise the necessary capital to make it a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.

The Mix Pop Up Coffee Shop Opens In Port Morris With A Resounding Success

The Mix Pop Up Coffee Shop opened yesterday in Mott Haven as a 3 day social experiment to engage the community and talk about race and identity — over a cup of coffee.

Immediately when you walk into the cafe you are asked, ” WHAT ARE YOU?” by big stenciled letters along the walls. This is one of the most common questions asked to people of color, especially folks who’s ethnic identity isn’t ‘readily apparent’.