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‘Bronx Narratives’ Screening Tomorrow at The Mix Coffehaus Followed By Poetry Readings

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 31st from 1-4pm join The Mix Coffeehaus as they welcome photographer and film producer Dondre Green who will be screening his latest work, ‘Bronx Narratives’.

After the event, several poets will hold a poetry reading and then the mic will be open for any poets out there who want to get up and spit some lyrics for the crowd.

Check out a teaser clip of ‘Bronx Narratives’

Surprise! The Mix Coffehaus Is Still Open!

We received pleasant news that The Mix Coffehaus pop up has extended their stay at 55 Bruckner Boulevard in Port Morris!

Peter served up a wicked chai latte (my go to beverage when I find myself at a Starbucks and will say that Starbucks ain’t got nothing on these guys!). The best part was that I was able to get cozy and have a nice, long conversation with some friends.

But don’t wait too long for The Mix Coffehaus will only be open until the end of January and then it’s off to find a permanent space!