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In The Bronx’s Oldest Shopping District, Dozens of Vacant Store Fronts Dominate The Area as Gentrification Tightens Its Grip

The Hub—The Bronx’s oldest shopping and commercial district located in the South Bronx neighborhood of Melrose is going through the most profound changes since the 70s and 80s when the neighborhood burned around it and its main train line, the Third Avenue El was put out of service and torn down.

Since its beginnings over a century ago when the borough was experiencing a population boom adding over 1 million residents in a span of 30 years, Melrose and The Hub, attracted residents from all over The Bronx due to it being an excellent transportation nexus—and still does today.

New “affordable” housing developments have been constructed surrounding the area and adding over 3,000 apartments and tens of thousands of new residents—with thousands of more units in various stages of construction or planning to come.

As gentrification tightens its grip on the South Bronx, long-time businesses are closing their doors as landlords either are not renewing leases or simply the new rents are too high to keep up.

Exclusive: Market Rate Apartments Coming To The “Banksy” Building In Melrose

Last year, on October 21st, the infamous street artist known as Banksy struck in the Melrose neighborhood of The Bronx on E 153rd Street (just down the block from me) where Elton and 3rd Avenues meet prompting thousands of fans to trek to the area and catch a glimpse of his controversial ‘Ghetto 4 Life’ piece. The 4 story buildings have been vacant for decades (close to 30 years) with the exception of the retail spaces on the ground floor. Now the owner is beginning the process of converting the top 3 floors into market rate residential units.

Boston Market Coming To Melrose At Triangle Plaza Adding To A Sizzling Commercial Real Estate Market In The Hub

Boston Market has signed a ten year lease for a 2,600 square foot ground floor space at Triangle Plaza in Melrose on 149th Street which is currently under construction.

The $35 million Triangle Plaza is slated to finish construction by Spring of 2015 and already Metropolitan College of New York is on board to move its headquarters to the development and occupying the upper level and a Fine Fare supermarket will be located at Triangle Plaza as well.