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Don Coqui’s First Bronx Location On City Island Is A ‘Must Eat’ Destination

For years I’ve resisted the lure of Don Coqui’s much hyped Puerto Rican cuisine of their other establishments outside of the Bronx but when they finally opened up in our borough —on City Island no less— I decided to see what all the fuss was about. This past Monday my mother and I took my father to Don Coqui to celebrate his birthday since he’s always wanted to go to one of their restaurants.

As you go over the bridge onto City Island, the restaurant is the second on your right. At first sight, it doesn’t really look all that impressive from the outside, but never judge a book by its cover. When we entered Don Coqui it was the complete opposite impression.

Bronx Pizza Wars! Is Pugsley Pizza The Best In The Bronx?

The best pizza conversation in New York City is one of those hot topics that can often get a very heated discussion going, like real estate and the best borough (obviously the Bronx) in the city.

An article posted in Untapped Cities recently declared that, “The Bronx’s Best Pizza Place Is Hidden Behind a Gas Station,” naming Pugsley Pizza in Fordham the best in the borough.