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Opening Reception: Bronx Junior Photo League Exhibition

Today, Friday June 3rd at 5pm, please join us at The Bronx Documentary Center for one of my favorite shows: The Bronx Junior Photo League year end exhibition.

This exhibition is the culmination of an intensive yet free after school photography class where the kids, who range from 11 to 18 years, display their photography and multimedia projects.

Through the hardworking volunteers and staff at the BDC, coupled with our youth’s thirst for knowledge, throughout the past several years, they have churned out quality and professional work that’s beyond impressive for their age.

‘Here There, Acá Allá’ Explores the Duality of Living Between Two Cultures; Mexico & America

Saturday, August 29th, The Bronx Documentary Center will hold an opening reception for ‘Here There, Acá Allá’ which explores the experiences of living between two cultures and although the subject focuses on the Mexican-American experience, this is something that the majority of Bronx residents can relate to being that we are a borough of immigrants.

Whether you were raised in an Italian, Albanian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Irish, or any immigrant household, this is an exhibition that many of us can relate to some capacity.

‘Bronx Narratives’ Screening Tomorrow at The Mix Coffehaus Followed By Poetry Readings

Tomorrow, Saturday, January 31st from 1-4pm join The Mix Coffeehaus as they welcome photographer and film producer Dondre Green who will be screening his latest work, ‘Bronx Narratives’.

After the event, several poets will hold a poetry reading and then the mic will be open for any poets out there who want to get up and spit some lyrics for the crowd.

Check out a teaser clip of ‘Bronx Narratives’

New Exhibition Forces Us To Face The Harsh Devastation of Gun Violence On Our Communities

Once again, The Bronx Documentary Center will bring to our borough a powerful exhibition — this time on the all too familiar realities of gun violence and its impact on our communities and youth — via the photographic works of Carlos Javier Ortiz, who has documented our nation’s plague in Chicago and Philadelphia over the course of seven years.

Miradas: Contemporary Mexican Photographers Opening Reception This Saturday

Mexico is too often represented by American photographers traveling south across the border. In this exhibition, five Mexican and Mexican-American photographers reverse that dynamic, focusing their lenses on the complex duality of their lives and on the United States itself. In these photos, the gaze is not at a Mexico defined by the US, but at Mexicans exploring and defining themselves as they navigate the Mexican and Mexican-American experience today.

Wallworks NY Presents Major Photography Exhibition: Point. Click. Shoot.

This Saturday November 1st is the opening reception of ‘Point. Click. Shoot.’ at Wallworks New York in Port Morris.

The exhibition includes photography from some of the biggest names in the craft who have documented people and neighborhoods with a cast of Bronx and Downtown photographers including the world-renowned Annie Leibovitz.

A Limited View of Boys From the Bronx – NYTimes.com

Here’s an excellent piece from The New York Times on how not to document a community but even better, through the works of Lisa Kahane’s book, “Do Not Give Way To Evil: Photographs of the South Bronx, 1979-1987”, the piece illustrates how documentary photography can be properly done.

Calling Bronx Photographers!

This September, the Bronx Documentary Center will exhibit a group show featuring Bronx-based documentary photographers and photojournalists. We are asking photographers to submit work that addresses the issues and forces that shape the Bronx; this exhibition will display the depth, range and passion of socially engaged documentarians covering our borough.

Why We Need The Bronx Documentary Center

The Bronx Documentary Center, in the short time that it’s been in existence, has become one of the most important cultural institutions of  not just the South Bronx but the entire borough.

In just over two years, the BDC has had 5 major exhibitions not only bringing the world to the Bronx but the Bronx to the world. There have been over 80 screenings followed by in depth panel discussions providing an unparalleled educational experience.

Now the Bronx Documentary Center needs you as they launch their Kickstarter campaign to fund a year’s worth of programming.