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Pandas Coming to The Bronx, South Carolina Crabs In Our Borough, and New Doc Explores Struggling Single Dads|Bronx PM Links

Pandas in The Bronx, buying South Carolina crabs right here in our borough, and a new documentary explores the difficulty of extreme poverty facing single fathers and devastate impacts on their families are some of the stories you’ll find in this evening’s edition of Bronx Links.

Mother Who Lived In The Bronx Speaks Out: I’m a Single Mom, and This S*** Is Hard | Vanessa Martir

There is a strong stigma against single mothers and The Bronx is no exception and according to Congressman José E. Serrano, The Bronx is has the 3rd highest rate of single mothers in the country.

Back in 2011, NPR had a show on the issue based on recent data from Pew Research poll and had this to say:

“The American family looks a little different now than it did in the days of Ward and June Cleaver. Sometimes, parents are married, sometimes unmarried. Sometimes dads have – kids have two dads. Some couples don’t have children at all. Some parents raise kids alone.

A new Pew Research poll found that among all those possible configurations, moms raising kids on their own are considered bad for society.”