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Can Streetcars Make A Comeback In The Bronx & NYC?

A couple of months ago we sat down with Bob Diamond, Chairman of the Brooklyn Historical Railway Association, along with several members of BHRA and Bronxite Richard Garey of the West Bronx. For some time now, Richard and I had been discussing the poor transit options in the West Bronx and the vacuum left behind when the Third Avenue El was ripped, leaving a hole in Morrisania straight up to Fordham forcing millions to make do with buses and transfers leading to longer commutes.

MTA operator led millions, including son, in safe commutes – NY Daily News

Recently, I nominated my father for a Daily News Hometown Hero Award and the paper decided to write a story on him and he is now a candidate for the award.

Here’s an excerpt of the story and make sure to click the link at the end to watch the video. A big thanks to the Daily News for thinking my dad’s story was worthy of a nomination.

East Bronx Metro North Access Will Not Benefit All Residents If Fares Are Not Modified; Same With Proposed Ferry Service

There has been much talk that finally the East Bronx is on track to getting 4 new Metro North Stations (making for a total of 17 stations in The Bronx) bringing direct access into Manhattan as well as towards employment centers up north in Westchester County and Connecticut. While this is all great news for the county with the highest rate of reverse commuters in the nation, it does nothing for the majority who still work in Manhattan and will have to pay the current peak fare.

2014 Run of Pregones Theater Puerto Rican Traveling Theater Dedicated to New York’s Labor Force

This Friday, October 3rd at 8PM, join my father, Israel Garcia and myself as we host the kick off tribute to New York’s labor force as part of Pregones Theater Puerto Rican Traveling Theater’s 2014 run of ‘EL APAGON’! We are very humbled to have been selected by this important cultural organization for this event. Tickets can be purchased by using the link below. If you can’t make it to see us on Friday, October 3rd, please do make sure you get to the play at any of the other dates!

Don’t Blame Drivers for a New York City Policy Failure

The following is a guest post by John Rozankowski, PhD

For decades, New York City public policy has encouraged large commercial and residential developments without asking the obvious questions: How will the large numbers of people, which these projects attract, get around? Mass transit was rarely discussed. As a result car dependency has grown dramatically with more traffic gridlock, pollution and fatalities the inevitable result.

As public policy became increasingly environmentally conscious, a punitive attitude against drivers has grown: reduction of traffic lanes, the lowering of speed limits, street bumps, cameras, proposals such as congestion pricing and bridge tolls to make driving more expensive, etc. While the intent of these measures is generally good, they do suggest that driving is somehow “evil” and make drivers the scapegoats.

Hold on to Your Money! Move NY’s Congestion Pricing Proposal Is Deeply Flawed

In his New York Daily News op-ed, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. discussed the newest proposal by Move NY to impose tolls on the currently free East River bridges and for driving in Manhattan below 60th Street. The novelty in this proposal is that prices on bridges close to mass transit would be raised while those in “transit deserts” would be lowered. In spite of herculean efforts by proponents to avoid the term, Diaz correctly identified this proposal as “congestion pricing.”

Station Agents Must Remain at NYC Subway Entrances

Last week Welcome2TheBronx guest writer, John Rozankowski, PhD wrote an article on how the MTA appears to be plotting to remove station agents — something that not only would love many jobless but would also create dangerous situations.

Thousands of of people have read the article and have shared it through their various networks, now we’re asking you to please sign the petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate Letitia James, and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito asking them to help in this cause.

The MTA Plots to Remove All Station Agents

The following is a guest article by John Rozankowski, PhD

A feeling of security is a vital issue for most people and determines where they live, where they send their children to school, etc. In subway station entrances, the station agents provide this feeling of security and the MTA is scheming to remove all of them.

Bronx Mass Transit Improvements for the Present

The following is a guest article by John Rozankowski, PhD

In January, an article appeared in this blog which encouraged a mass transit enhancement that can be done “NOW.” It proposed that the #5 train run at night, a change which would spare riders from Manhattan to the Bronx two or more transfers. I wholeheartedly support this idea adding that even more can be done for the #5 and other lines to improve Bronx mass transit dramatically.

Bronx Picture of the Day: Subway Art

Can anyone guess the Bronx train station where this is located? This is only a portion of one mosaic mural of eight at this particular station (four on either side).