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Bronx Street Art Tour This Sunday By MCNY Tours & TAG Public Arts Project

Take a Bronx Street Art Tour and visit the latest TAG Public Arts Project outdoor murals. This special Tour grants visitors an insider’s view of the sites and details of the artist, The process used and country of origin. We share the history and community/business that serves as a backdrop for this unique art form.
Tour the finest TAG Public Arts Project murals, A street gallery of artists from around the world.

The Bronx Meets Vienna: New Photography Exhibition Explores Similarities Despite Our Differences

Back towards the end of May last year, Thomas Stubbings of Austria was visiting New York City. It wasn’t his first time here since Stubbings has been visiting the city since the early 80s — but it was his first time in The Bronx in 30 years of coming to New York.

“I had been to New York about ten times but never to The Bronx,” said Stubbings yesterday as I visited with him while he was setting up for the opening of the exhibition this Saturday July 5th at Poe Park Visitor Center in Kingsbridge. “I still had the old images, the clichés of what The Bronx was. With each visit I had done everything to avoid Bronx and going around it.”

Seattle Publicist Who Trashed The Bronx In An Article, Sets The Record Straight

Back in October Seattle publicist Patricia Vaccarino trashed The Bronx in an article which upset many Bronx residents including myself.

Now Vaccarino has rectified the situation not by simply apologizing but by dedicating an entire issue to the wonderful people of the Bronx and look into those who are actively engaged in making this a better place.

No Vacancies At the Opera House Hotel This Past Weekend

Yesterday Patrick Wall of DNAinfo reported that the Opera House Hotel had no vacancies this weekend proving to one set of critics that folks will stay in the heart of the South Bronx in a luxury boutique hotel that may seemingly look out of place.

Unfortunately the article wasn’t full of good news as you would think considering such excellent news.