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The Bronx Will No Longer Have NYC’s ONLY Intake Center For The Homeless; Borough Still Highest Contributor To City’s Homeless Population

The Bloomberg administration spent $65 million in new intake facility in The Bronx on 151st Street back in 2011 making it the only place the city’s homeless population could come to seeking a place to stay.

Now, the de Blasio administration is doing away with such failed policies by creating a second facility in Brooklyn which is scheduled to open sometime this Spring.

In 2014, 37% of the city’s homeless population had their last residence in The Bronx and combined with Brooklyn, both boroughs accounted for a whopping 65% of the homeless population.

Wi-Fi, Libraries, Holiday Lights, & Homelessness

Free Wi-Fi is coming to NYC but poorer neighborhoods may get slower speeds, A new library for Westchester Square, Holiday Lights going up in Morris Park needs fund raising, homeless issues affecting the Bronx.