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The Bronx Remembers: 70 Years Ago Today, Auschwitz Survivors Were Liberated

January 27th, 1945, approximately 200,000 jewish concentration camp survivors of Auschwitz were liberated by Soviet soldiers. Many spread out across the globe with a number finding freedom in The Bronx amongst their mishpocheh (Yiddish for family — a term also often times attributed to extended family and friends).

Bronx woman honored for helping Jews escape Nazis – NY Daily News

“A brave 92-year-old Bronx woman who helped rescue Jews from Germany-occupied Hungary during World War II was honored Thursday for her heroic past.

Berta Davidovitz Rubinsztejn was one of dozens of rescuers who helped Hungarian Jews escape the Nazis by disguising herself as a Gentile and working with the Zionist underground youth movement Dror Habonim.

She was reunited Thursday with one of the refugee orphans she saved from the streets of Budapest and took in as her own.

“I am standing here only because of you, Berta,” said Meir Brand, 79, as he thanked Rubinsztejn during an emotional ceremony at the Riverdale YM-YWHA.