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Hip-Hop Museum Coming To The Old Bronx Courthouse?

After No Longer Empty’s residency and exhibition at the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, ‘When You Cut Into The Preset The Future Leaks Out’, and over 6,000 visitors—over 75% from the area and not counting youth programs who graced the halls of this hallowed landmark—many have asked what now?

Well one possibility is that The Universal Hip Hop Museum—the only and official Hip-Hop museum chartered by the State of New York—may in fact call the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse Home. A fitting tribute given the fact that The Bronx is the birthplace of the global phenomenon that is Hip-Hop.

Bronx Born Hip-Hop Pioneer Big Bank Hank Dead At 57

orn Henry Lee Jackson in The Bronx in 1957, Big Bank Hank of The Sugarhill Gang has passed away due to complications with cancer. Big Bank Hank is considered to be one of the founders of Hip Hop with The Sugarhill Gang’s hit ‘Rapper’s Delight’ which was released 35 years ago this month.

Anthony Bourdain Tells WNYC: ‘The Bronx Is a Magical Place’

Anthony Bourdain was intereviewed by WNYC just in time for Sunday’s premier of his Parts Unknown Bronx Episode. He told WNYC that about The Bronx that, “…for no reason at all I know so little about it…I was and still am largely ignorant of this awesome space filled with good stuff.

Listen to his interview as he talks about eating Garifuna delights and watch yet another new sneak peek of Sunday’s episode featuring our official Bronx Borough Historian, Lloyd Ultan:

From The Bronx to Sydney, Breakdancer Will Sanchez Beats the Streets!

You can take the B-Boy outta the Bronx but you can’t take the Bronx outta the B-Boy! An adage that befits the enormously talented, skilled, rhythmic wonder that is William ‘Ill Will’ Sanchez, founder of the first ever breakdancing, tap dancing and comedy crew “Beat the Streets”! The crew, founded in the Sydney by the Bronx New York native is an original concept that combines the art of hip hop breakdance with the staccato injections of tap dance and topped off with an infectious comedic flow that has the audience enthralled from start to finish!