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Bronx BP Diaz Jr’s ‘New Bronx’ Isn’t For All—Unless You Can Afford It 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr utter the words ‘New Bronx’, something we’ve been vocally against along with legions of Bronxites.
But he doesn’t have to, the damage is done and it’s already embedded in the psyche of people from billionaire developers of the oligarchy to the working poor who make our beautiful Bronx run.

The Village Voice published an article titled, ‘Brooklynizing The Bronx: Will The Boogie Down’s Boom Leave Thousands of Workers in The Dust?’ which examines, among many things, Ruben Diaz Jr’s ties to real estate interests and his lack of advocacy for the auto workers of Jerome Avenue who are facing displacement and loss of thousands of jobs as the area faces rezoning.

Port Morris Townhouse For Sale For a Ridiculous $995,000

Gentrification full speed ahead!

A townhouse on E 134th Street has been listed for sale by Corcoran for $995,000 and other than a major renovation, there is nothing special about this home to justify such an outrageous price way above actual market value.

Majora Carter, Once Respected By The Bronx, Gets Called Out For Selling Out—Again

In a neighborhood and borough on the edge because of gentrification, the fight continues and this time it’s taken a personal face against someone once seen as our hero.

Someone has begun placing stickers calling Majora Carter a traitor and associating her with the hashtag #ColumbusSyndrome, a term that is often used when talking about gentrification and how people approach gentrifying areas with a colonizer’s mentality.

Exclusive: First Market Rate Condos Planned for E 138th Street in Lower Concourse Rezoning Area

The gentrification of the South Bronx is in full swing despite denials by our borough president, Ruben Diaz Jr, that it isn’t happening.

Yesterday we reported on the expansion of the landmarked Clocktower Loft Apartments and today we share the exclusive story of the first market-rate condominiums coming to the Lower Concourse Rezoning Area.

The old 2 story factories at 221 E 138th Street at Canal Place has been torn down and in its place will rise a 7 story, 50 unit condominium development with ground floor commercial space according to Anthony Gurino of Tahoe Development which purchased the buildings for $2,800,000 in September 2015.

Rendering of Landmark Clocktower Expansion in Port Morris Revealed

Rising adjacent to the historic Clocktower Loft building is a new 6 story, 128,340 square foot residential expansion adding 190 units to the 95 unit loft building—oh and did we mention the enclosed pool?

The rendering is from architectural firm Karl Fischer Architect who is the architectural firm listed on NYC’s Department of Building’s database. One has to scratch their heads as to why a firm that is so despised in NYC was chosen for the project.

Plans Filed for Yet Another Affordable Housing Development in Melrose

Development doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon in Melrose, The Bronx’s unofficial downtown neighborhood.

After a lull in construction for a few years, developments are either in the process of breaking ground, in the middle of construction, almost complete or just filing applications in the neighborhood.

NYC Council Has a Big Opportunity to Do the Right Thing

When all testimonies are done, whether in favor or against changes to zoning via mandatory Inclusionary housing (MIH) or zoning for quality and affordability (ZQA), New York City’s Council members have an opportunity to side with their constituents in voting down Mayor de Blasio’s ill-conceived plan that is central to his preserving 120,000 affordable units and creating 80,000 new units of “affordable” housing.

The more controversial of the two, MIH, sounds great on paper. It mandates that affordable housing would be mandatory not voluntary and it would be permanent in districts that would be zoned for MIH. Trick is that it isn’t truly affordable.

A Wholesale Upzoning of all Five Boroughs is a Handout to Developers

An important message from the Historic Districts Council regarding the changes to zoning which the the overwhelming majority of community boards has said no to. Despite widespread opposition, New York City Planning Commission has voted yes to the changes against the will of the people. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD BY SUBMITTING YOUR TESTIMONY HERE!