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500 Turkeys Will Not Save The South Bronx From Asthma Mr Borough Prez

Today Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr, along with FreshDirect Founder and CEO Jason Ackerman (neither who showed up to the public hearings this past Monday for the company’s proposed subsidies) handed out 500 turkeys to residents of Mitchel Houses in Mott Haven (“…taking advantage of the poor and hungry” as one person put it). Oh did we mention that we can’t even take Diaz’s photo-op seriously since he doesn’t seem to know that Mitchel Houses is spelled with one L and not two and secondly, the NYCHA development is located in Mott Haven and not Port Morris as he says on his Facebook Page.

Another Worry For The Bronx: A Link Between Air Pollution and Adolescent ADHD

Researchers from Columbia University and elsewhere have found a possible link between air pollution and adolescent ADHD. According to the report, published today in the journal PLOS ONE, pregnant women from New York City exposed to certain air pollutants were more likely to birth a child with ADHD. The pollutants —polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)—are released into the atmosphere through the burning of coal, tobacco, and petrol.

IMPORTANT: Public Hearing Stop Cuomo From Giving FreshDirect $9 Million To Cause Asthma in the Bronx

Legal Updates – The ongoing litigation to stop Fresh Direct’s move to the Harlem River Yards continues! Newly disclosed information provides us with the opportunity to request renewal of our claim that the State DOT violated the New York Constitution by allowing land at the Harlem River Yard to be leased to Fresh Direct. We’ll keep you posted!

New York State Proposes Prioritization of Mott Haven-Port Morris Waterfront Plan!

This is an amazing big step forward for the residents of the South Bronx as never before has this area received such a priority designation by the State of New York. The waterfront plan as described below is a direct result of what the residents envision their waterfront to look like after the announcement over 2 1/2 years ago that FreshDirect intended to plop down on the last, largest remaining parcel of open land in the area.

Together, our voices can make an impact and be heard.

Please submit your public comments and make your voices heard even louder!

See below from South Bronx Unite, an organization which Welcome2TheBronx is a proud member of.

Bronx Residents Unite Against Climate Change; Lead Hundreds of Thousands At People’s Climate March

South Bronx Unite Against FreshDirect, buildOn The Bronx, and La Finca del Sur were some of the organizations that led the historic People’s Climate March this past Sunday down Manhattan’s West Side which saw over 400,000 people in attendance (days earlier, People’s Climate March estimated that about 100,000 people would participate). These Bronx groups were part of the first wave called ‘Frontlines of Crisis, Forefront of Change’ which consisted of ‘…the people first and most impacted and are leading the change’ led by Indigenous people, Environmental Justice, and other Frontline communities.

For the first time in history, the issue of environmental justice in The Bronx, particularly hard impacted communities in The South Bronx were pushed to the front of the global consciousness as we meandered our way down the March route through the canyons of Manhattan. Although many diverse groups were representing the Bronx, one common theme was seen among them: Stop FreshDirect from creating an environmental catastrophe in the South Bronx.

Public Hearing on FreshDirect Subsidies from the State

New York State Empire State Development Corporation and FreshDirect tried to pull a fast one last week and have a meeting which gave FreshDirect weeks notice to gather supporters (only 8) and only gave the majority of residents who oppose the deal less than 24 hour notice to gather residents. This resulted in MANDATORY PUBLIC HEARING for which we must be given, at minimum, 10 days notice to prepare. Please read below on how to prepare your testimony and all necessary details regarding this process. This is a major opportunity to once and for all kill this deal which the vast majority of residents have been against since day 1.

Friends, One of the moments for which we have been preparing for over a year is here – the public hearing on State subsidies for FreshDirect – and we need you to show up and provide testimony!

Battle For Environmental Justice For The South Bronx & Its Waterfront Against FreshDirect Heads To The United Nations

The residents of the South Bronx have been battling the FreshDirect deal to move into our waterfront which would pollute our roadways with heavy truck traffic aggravating an already dire asthma situation.

Now we have one our own residents on his way to the United Nations Climate summit where he will be able to represent the united voices of South Bronx residents and more than 50 community based organizations against this careless and deadly deal.

Arthur “Mychal” Johnson of South Bronx Unite Selected to Attend Historic United Nations Climate Summit with more than 100 Global Heads of State and 37 Civil Society Representatives

Mayor de Blasio Has Not Yet Responded to Over 200 Calls / Emails Asking Him To Stop FreshDirect From Moving To South Bronx

Mayor de Blasio has not yet responded to over 200 calls/emails asking him to stop the proposed $137M subsidy of 1,000+ daily diesel trucks trips through South Bronx Asthma Alley. Instead, his office announced the monumental redesign of downtown Brooklyn – to include a 21 acre greenway connecting downtown to the Brooklyn waterfront.
The Tale of Two Cities will not change until we insist it changes. If you have not yet contacted the Mayor, please do so today. If you have not yet received a response, please call and email again (and ask 5 friends to do so as well.)