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Fordham University Student Feels Like A Stranger in Her Own Home Borough; Says University Should Implement a Class on The Bronx

Third generation Bronxite, Antoinette Legnini, and Fordham University student who lives in Belmont in the shadows of the university has these heartfelt words to say which have resonated with many other students online:

“I have never felt like more of a stranger in my own home on Arthur Ave than when I started going to Fordham.

The disconnect between students on campus with people who have been living in this community for years is so great that local Bronx residents are referred to as the (now derogatory term) “locals” – who are assumed to be predominantly Black or Latino. But even with my discomfort on campus – I’m still a white student and have never felt personally discriminated against because I’m not assumed to be from the Bronx.