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Carl Heastie As Assembly Speaker Is a Step Backwards Not a Progressive One Forward

Democratic New York State Assemblyman from The Bronx, Carl Heastie, is the apparent front runner and favorite candidate to become the next Assembly Speaker as Assemblyman Sheldon Silver steps down and is facing corruption charges after a decades long reign in Albany but is Heastie the right choice?

It’s a complex question with a myriad of points to look at. Most Bronxites would salivate at the fact that The Bronx would be the seat of the New York State Assembly and open doors for our borough but at what cost would this be?

Heastie, given his record (or lack thereof), is tainted as much as his would be predecessor.

Bronx Politics: Roselyn Johnson Democratic Club

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda hosted the first meeting of the Roselyn Johnson Democratic club today, with an impressive turnout. The assemblyman stated that everyone in the room was a democrat who has voted in the last four elections and all but promised everyone present Election Day jobs.

Many Bronx elected officials made it out to the club’s grand opening: Senator Jeff Klein, Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., Assemblyman and Party Chairman Carl Heastie, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Councilmember Fernando Cabrera and Councilmember Annabel Palma.

Bronx Politics: State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie?


As Shelly Silver is approaching what looks like *might* be the end of his decades long reign as State Assembly Speaker, insiders are speculating about who might emerge as his replacement.