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Bronx-Based Horror Movie Loosely Inspired By Alleged Real Supernatural Events In The 46th Precinct

Deliver Us From Evil, starring Eric Bana as former NYPD officer Ralph Sarchie, is a supernatural horror film loosely inspired on events that happened in the 46th Precinct in The Bronx which covers the neighborhoods of Fordham, Mount Hope, University Heights, and Morris Heights.

The movie is an adaptation of the book, ‘Beware The Night’, written by Sarchie on his accounts moonlighting as a demonologist while still working as an officer of the NYPD.

‘Babygirl’ Depicts a Bizarre Love Triangle in the Bronx and Its Impact On a Nuyorican Family

I had the pleasure of reading the script for “Babygirl” several years ago and immediately was gripped by how well Macdara Vallely captured the Bronx and its residents.

Since then, the film is finally complete and is now up on the big screen downtown at the Quad until this THURSDAY October 10th ONLY. Show times are as follows:

1:00PM, 2:35PM, 4:10PM, 5:45PM, 7:20PM, 9:30PM and you can purchase tickets in advance here.