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I Am Gay And You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar – BAX NYC: The Bronx Art Exchange

Last night was the opening exhibition of GAY at the Longwood Gallery at Hostos Community College —a very much ‘in your face body of work by 20 artists of color exploring the shift in gay culture within the past decade.

I ran into friend and fellow Bronxite Jeffrey Guard of The Bronx Arts Exchange and we were both pretty much in awe at the exhibit and frankly quite proud that we were experiencing this in the South Bronx of all places.

The Bronx Honors Gordon Parks

“…Gordon Parks was many things, a photographer, composer, filmmaker, writer and activist. His life-journey was filled with extraordinary challenges including losing his mother at 14 and shortly thereafter having to fend for himself on the streets. During the early and mid 20th century he had to fight against the ugly specter of racism that would often deny him one career-making opportunity after another.