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Brook House Charity Furniture Auction on Thursday, June 26th

As Brook House Furniture’s 55 years in business in Melrose draws to a close, New York’s largest furniture store will auction off the remaining inventory next Thursday, June 26th. 10% of the proceeds will go to BOOM!Health who will be taking over the building in a 25 year lease as FIRST reported by Welcome2TheBronx.

Everything must go so that BOOM!Health can begin transforming the building into their new headquarters

Exclusive: BOOM!Health Moving To Melrose; Bringing Bronx LGBTQ Center & New Cafe Along

Boom! Health, a Bronx-based organization that is dedicated in transforming lives through health and wellness has signed a 25 year lease (with an option to purchase), taking over Brook House Furniture in the Melrose neighborhood of the borough. Once the renovations are complete, the building will also house The Bronx LGBTQ Center and Boom! Cafe.