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NYTIMES Exclusive: Harper Lee Lawyer Offers More Details on Discovery of New Book

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is a book all of us remember as being one of the many required reading tomes during our school years. This was true whether you lived in The Bronx or across the country.

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that over 50 years after Harper Lee’s landmark story set in racially segregated Alabama of 1930s was published, a manuscript had surfaced written by Lee and is a sequel called ‘Go Set A Watchman’ starring the many of the same characters such as Atticus Finch and Scout, this time set in the 1950s.

After 36 Years, A Son of the Bronx Returns Home; Publishes Book

Bronx born and raised, storyteller, writer and author, Martin Kleinman, returned back to his birthplace after a 36 year journey living abroad — in, Queens, Manhattan, and 25 years in Park Slope, Brooklyn. (Sorry, Staten Island, as he quipped in an article in the Huffington Post back in January on a de Blasio Mayoralty).