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Best Pizza In The Bronx – NYC

Chris Crowley always gives us great write-ups on many of our favorite Bronx eateries but in this feature we woke up to, he enters the dangerous realm of Pizza. Favorites like Patricia’s, Louie & Ernie’s, & Emilio’s came up but Pugsley’s didn’t make it. Uh oh.

Bronxites love their pizza. We love our favorite pizzerias so much that we will defend them to the point that arguments will break out over which is the best. Which is your favorite?

Bronx Pizza Wars! Is Pugsley Pizza The Best In The Bronx?

The best pizza conversation in New York City is one of those hot topics that can often get a very heated discussion going, like real estate and the best borough (obviously the Bronx) in the city.

An article posted in Untapped Cities recently declared that, “The Bronx’s Best Pizza Place Is Hidden Behind a Gas Station,” naming Pugsley Pizza in Fordham the best in the borough.