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Bernie Sanders Takes Over The Bronx With A Rally of Love—Photo Gallery

Bernie Sanders launched his quest to capture the hearts of New Yorkers in The Bronx today. An estimated 18,500 people showed up to St Mary’s Park in the South Bronx to show support for the candidate they believe to have the chutzpah to be the next president of The United States—we think so too.

All throughout the day it was a rally and gathering filled with love and peace—much unlike the ugliness we’ve been subjected to of Trump rallies filled with hate, violence, and flat out racism.

What You Need to Know About Bernie Sanders Coming to The Bronx

First of all, we’d like to make a correction that indeed this isn’t the first presidential candidate since RFK but there have been others like Reagan, Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisholm, and even AL Gore.

So what do you need to know?

Get to St Mary’s Park as early as you can. Thousands of people have already clicked to RSVP via Welcome2TheBronx and we only represent a small fraction of that traffic.