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Tonight! Andrew Zimmern’s Bronx Episode on Bizarre Foods! 

A couple of years ago, with the charismatic charm and pull of our culinary ambassador, Baron Ambrosia, Anthony Bourdain came to The Bronx and filmed an episode with some of our off the beaten path eateries.
Tonight, on yet another tour by the way Baron, the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods hosted by the world famous Andrew Zimmern premiers showcasing more of the delectable delights our borough has to offer.

Watch: The Bronx’s Baron Ambrosia in ‘THANKSCHRISKWANZAAKAH’ Holiday Special

Baron Ambrosia and Bronx Flavor presents a holiday special video, ‘Thankschriskwanzaakah’ so get ready to watch what happens, “When Awesome-Mart combines all the holiday’s in order to make more money, a terrible curse is unleashed on the Bronx.”

Baron cleverly mixes many of our wonderful cultures in one of the most diverse boroughs of New York City—The Bronx.

And the Winner of Bronx Fashion Week 2014’s Distinguished Gentleman of the Year Is…

Last September was the successful launch of our borough’s first ever Bronx Fashion Week which was held at the Andrew Freedman Home.

On the first night of the event, several Bronx men who were nominated for Bronx Fashion Week’s Distinguished Gentleman Award came on the runway to strut their stuff as they wore their finest threads. Amongst the cast who ran the catwalk were Baron Ambrosia, New York City Councilman Andy King, and Lenny Caro, president of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce.

So who won?

Baron Ambrosia Swims Again; This Time Camden’s Cooper River

Baron Ambrosia has swum yet another river against all odds.

Last year Baron was the first person in recorded history to swim the entire length of The Bronx River and now he’s the first known person to have performed the same feat in Camden’s Cooper River.

Yay or Nay on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Bronx Episode?

So finally we got to see The Bronx on CNN for Anthony Bourdain’s popular Parts Unknown series. The show focused on some expected cultures and cuisines and lacked in others that represents the borough. Overall, based on twitter feedback and social media, many folks liked the show but others absolutely hated the portrayal of our Bronx in the episode. Personally, I loved the episode despite its flaws and it was a fun journey to parts KNOWN to this and many other Bronxites.

Watching our legendary Bronx Borough historian, Lloyd Ultan, aka the Professor, wax nostalgic about the birth of hip hop and various other Bronx Facts was a delight as well as watching our culinary ambassador, Baron Ambrosia join forces with Bourdain.

Anthony Bourdain Tells WNYC: ‘The Bronx Is a Magical Place’

Anthony Bourdain was intereviewed by WNYC just in time for Sunday’s premier of his Parts Unknown Bronx Episode. He told WNYC that about The Bronx that, “…for no reason at all I know so little about it…I was and still am largely ignorant of this awesome space filled with good stuff.

Listen to his interview as he talks about eating Garifuna delights and watch yet another new sneak peek of Sunday’s episode featuring our official Bronx Borough Historian, Lloyd Ultan:

9 Ways To Get To Know The Bronx According to CNN

In anticipation for this Sunday’s premier of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Bronx episode, CNN’s Kat Kinsman — managing editor of the channel’s Eatocracy and writer and editor for CNN Living — has written a piece on 9 ways to get to know The Bronx.

She writes:

“About 8.4 million people can rightfully call themselves New Yorkers, according to 2013 census data. There are no official numbers to back this up, but it’d be a pretty solid bet to say that an awful lot of them have never spent much time exploring the Bronx beyond Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, the Bronx Botanical Gardens and maaayyybe going out for a plate of manicotti and some tiramisu on Arthur Avenue.

And that’s a friggin’ shame.

Baron Ambrosia Saves The Day In The Bronx; Rescues Cat Stuck In A Tree 5 Stories High

It all began with a call from my mother around 3:30PM today. A cat was stuck in a tree — 5 stories high right in front of her window.

Penelope the cat had been up there for over 24 hours. Calls to animal control and the New York City Fire Department yielded no results for the residents of Christopher Court in Melrose who had been calling for help.

Insects & Small Game On The Menu Make For A Big, Unforgettable Experience in The Bronx

When Baron Ambrosia sends you an invitation, you immediately RSVP — no questions asked.

With a menu consisting of Cricket Brie Sushi, Spicy Beaver Tacos, Muskrat Fakoye & other exotic dishes, Baron Ambrosia, the culinary ambassador of The Bronx, hosted an unforgettable epicurean experience which would have made Andrew Zimmern feel proud.

This past Saturday at the Andrew Freedman Home, The Baron held the 4th Annual Bronx Pipe Smoking Society Small Game Dinner —an event which has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated and exclusive dining experiences in the Bronx.