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New Children’s Book Based On African Folktales Teaches An Important Lesson

Home to one of the largest African populations in New York City, The Bronx is replete with many residents hailing from many of the continent’s countries.

One particular individual—of Gambian descent and works in The Bronx—has written a children’s book with a strong lesson to be learned by both children and adults alike.

Meet Victoria Blain author and illustrator of ‘The ExtraOrdinary Chameleon’, a new African folktale inspired by the ones she grew up with.

Holland Textiles Opens First US Store in The Bronx, Bringing a Bit of Africa With Them

Last summer, while walking along 3rd Avenue in The Hub, I spotted a bright, new store with gorgeous, African print fabrics. Holland Textiles advertise themselves as the “number one African Fabric retail outlet in the world…” and they have planted their first roots in America in The Bronx neighborhood of Melrose.

First Case Of Ebola In United States History Diagnosed In Texas

The deadly virus known as Ebola has been diagnosed for the first time in US history in the state of Texas. While this may seem faraway from The Bronx, along with the African countries where the epidemic has broken, it is important to remember and be sensitive to the fact that our borough is home to the largest population of Africans in New York City.

Bombayo Presents: 6th Annual BomBarBecue This Sunday 5/25

Come to the Andrew Freedman Home this Sunday from Noon to 6pm and enjoy a wonderful afternoon with Bombayo. There will be traditional bomba dancing and music and much more!

In the meantime, watch the videos from some of their previous performances including 86 year YOUNG Teresa Fortuna as she dances to her heart’s content!