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Camping along the Bronx Riviera: 10 Lucky Groups Win A Chance To Sleep Under The Stars In City’s Largest Park

Over 500 folks signed up to win one of only ten coveted spots to get to camp in Pelham Bay Park at Orchard Beach this past Saturday.

Unfortunately I didn’t win but fortunately my friend and neighbor did and was gracious enough to extend two of four spots allotted per group to us. Naturally I said yes.

We arrived at Orchard Beach at the appointed time of 6PM, unpacked our car and trekked our way towards section 1 just outside the entrance that leads to Twin Island and Two Tree Island. We were greeted by our rangers for the evening, Deli, Nick, and Mel, who gave us our tents and provided some basic assistance on how to set them up. You know, being city-slickers, such knowledge isn’t quite innate to our kind.

Roaming the Bronx’s “Champs-Élysées” – Digital Nomad

Robert Reid, National Geographic Travel’s ‘Offbeat Observer’ just published a wonderful article on The Bronx and The Grand Concourse.

In the article he writes:

“The man with graying dreadlocks raking outside a New York mansion is hip-hop pioneer Kool DJ Herc. He hasn’t switched careers, but is an artist-in-residence helping out at the Andrew Freedman Home, a one-time “country club” retirement home that’s now a workspace for graffiti artists, a 1920s-styled bed-and-breakfast, and space for homegrown art and theater. Up the street, a yoga class is under way outside Edgar Allan Poe’s 200-year-old cottage. Farther south, the intricate Beaux Arts façade of the 1913 Opera House, where Houdini once did tricks, is a newly opened hotel that fancies itself “boutique.” All 60 rooms are full, and staff advise guests to dine next door at the tiny Mexicozina taqueria, a neatly converted shrine of devotion to poblano specialties (like the best pig-ear tacos in town).

Few visitors to New York will have seen this. Nor have, to be honest, most New Yorkers. The reason is location.

This is the Bronx.”

‘Real Men Read’ Program At Local Bronx School PS 333, The Museum School To Motivate Young Boys To Read

I received this from a friend Bronx resident, James “Peach” McClory (and published poet!) on a wonderful program to get out boys to read:

I am participating in a program that a calls for MEN to participate in the the first annual “Real Men Read” initiative at PS 333 in the Bronx, New York. This initiative is to get boys interested in reading and encourage and motivate literacy in the lives of young boys.

Via Verde Scoops Up Yet Another Award

Via Verde, the award-winning “green” development, which changed the game plan on what affordable housing can be and looks like just won another award —this time from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bronx History – PS 25: New York City’s First Bilingual School

PS 25 built in 1897, the 117 year old school still stands proud on East 149th Street and Tinton Avenue.

The school was the first bilingual school in New York City offering English and Spanish instruction, first serving largely the Puerto Rican community and more recently children from all over Latin America as the demographics of the neighborhood has changed.

Welcome2TheBronx to Receive Historic District Council’s Grassroots Preservation Award

This year, along with other organizations and residents from throughout New York City, Welcome2TheBronx™ will be receiving the Historic District Council Grassroots Preservation Award—the very organization who has been involved in the creation of almost all of the 110 historic districts in New York City.

According to HDC Deputy Director Nadezhda Williams, Welcome2TheBronx™ was chosen, “as the 2015 Grassroots Award Friend in the Media winner for your coverage of landmark and land use issues in The Bronx including the sad story of PS 31.”