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Bronx Foreclosures Up 33% According to PropertyShark; 10466 Zip Code Tops the List

PropertyShark, one of the most trusted tools for real estate professionals, has issued its latest foreclosure report and things aren’t pretty for The Bronx.

Although foreclosures dropped by 28% from the last quarter, they have increased by 33% compared to the 3rd quarter last year with 110 properties entering foreclosure for the first time.

Dyre Ave Platform on 5 Line Collapses; Miraculously No Injuries Reported

At about 7:30PM, a 30 to 40 foot section of the Dyre Avenue Station platform collapsed bringing service to a halt.

The collapse at the busy terminus on the 5 line surprisingly left no one injured as reported by the media. Considering the heavy use of the station as commuters return home, it’s a miracle no one was injured or killed in the incident.

Groups Reveal NYC is Spraying Bronx and Citywide Parks With Controversial Cancer-Linked ‘Roundup’ Monsanto Pesticide

In 2014, New York City sprayed Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide—now classified as a possible carcinogen by The World Health Organization—2,748 times (more than double the 2013 rate) but only 2,000 locations have been revealed through data released by NYC Parks as a result of a Freedom of Information Law request.

From The South Bronx, to Riverdale and City Island to Pelham Parkway, many neighborhoods were sprayed with this pesticide linked to cancer. Manhattan has the least amount of sites (partly due to incomplete data from Central Park and other conservancies) but Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island have been doused with this pesticide more than our borough.

South Bronx Residents Create ‘Statement of Principles on Private Development’ As Gentrification Creeps In

In response to the wave of real estate speculation threatening the South Bronx and that will open the doors to hyper-gentrification, we present below a Statement of Principles on Private Development. These principles have been in the making for upwards of a year by members of the Mott Haven-Port Morris Community Land Trust (in consultation with experts in each area) in response to the decades of “development” without community engagement that has caused a health epidemic and now threatens mass displacement. As some of our elected officials choose to deny the existence of gentrification, many developers have already bought land, filed plans and erected buildings “as of right”, and many are not requesting any zoning changes, variances or government subsidies that would trigger wider accountability. Over the coming weeks, members of the community will be assessing adherence to these principles of each developer – from Carnegie, Cheskel Schwimmer and Chetrit to Hornig, JCAL, Savanna and Somerset, among many others – and sharing the information publicly so that we can best direct the breadth of efforts to protect and uplift our community.

How One Bronx Woman Has Supported Thousands of Our Troops Stationed Overseas

NY1 reporter Erin Clark shares a heartwarming story about a Bronx woman from Country Club known as Aunt Cathy to thousands of soldiers stationed abroad who’ve received one of her almost 5,000 care packages.

Catherine Praino began sending care packages and adopting platoons overseas after her own nephew, Christian Engeldrum, was killed in Afghanistan in a roadside bombing attack.

Gothamist Thinks Only 2 Pizza Shops in The Bronx Are Good out of 24 They Chose Citywide!

It’s a time honored tradition in New York City: The Battle of the Best Pizzas in Town which every publication puts out at least once a year. Gothamist just put out the 24 best pizza places in NYC and ONLY 2 Bronx shops made the cut? They also had the audacity to say anyone who disagrees with this list is wrong. Clearly they haven’t traveled far and wide and did their homework like Chris Crowley did earlier this year.

Rooftops and Outdoor Hangouts in The Bronx |Via BronxMama!

From BronxMama:

Tis the season for rooftop and outdoor views. We’ve compiled a list of some rooftops and outdoor hangouts, whether it’s with a drink in hand for a date night or popcorn while watching a rooftop film with the kids in tow. Did we forget one of your favorite spots? Please leave a comment to share with others!

Bronx Resident Develops App to Bring Communities Closer Together

A savvy, young Bronx programmer came up with Shoutloc, a free smartphone app for Android and iphone devices aimed at connecting communities, particularly urban ones — much like a modern-day bulletin board you would see at supermarkets and local establishments.

“With Shoutloc, people can Shout about a burglary in the community, a crime they just witnessed to make others aware, a community basketball event that’s taking place or whatever they feel is important to share. Shoutloc offers an efficient way to keep up with your surroundings and to discuss local topics.” he added.

#ThisStopsToday Die-In & Peaceful March Through Melrose Marks 5 Month Anniversary of Eric Garner’s Death

Since the December 3rd failure of a Grand Jury on Staten Island to indict the cops in the killing of Eric Garner, many peaceful protests have been held across the city by thousands of New Yorkers uniting for peace and justice against Police Brutality and the fact that so many cops never get indicted due to grand juries.

Tonight The Bronx saw hundreds come out to not only honor Eric Garner on the 5th month anniversary of his death but to demand justice and an end to the killing of so many black men and people of color at the hands of the NYPD — and across the nation.