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Two More Developments Rise in the Lower Concourse As PS 31 Is Torn Down

After six years of filings with NYC’s Department of Buildings and construction delays, 500 Exterior Street is rising with the 11 story hotel slated to be completed sometime in 2016 and Holiday Inn Express has leased the building according to owner Harshad Patel. The property sits across from the Special Harlem River Waterfront District where a proposed waterfront park would go along with 4,000 units of housing (2.8 million square feet of housing, 2.3 million square feet of commercial space, 1 million square feet of community space).

City Set to Demolish ‘The Castle on The Concourse’ PS 31 Despite Engineering Reports Stating That It’s Salvageable


The community has been battling to save the landmark PS 31 aka ‘The Castle on The Concourse’ ever since we found that the city wanted to demolish this beloved treasure.

The City testified saying that it couldn’t withstand more storms and was a public hazard and YET 2 brutal winters have passed SINCE the June 2013 hearings at Community Board 1, PS 31 is STILL standing and is in the same condition.

After One of The Roughest Winters In Recent Memory, PS 31 Still Stands In The Bronx

On November 8, 2013, New York City’s Department of Buildings issued an emergency demolition order for the landmarked ‘Castle on the Concourse’ aka PS 31. They cited it as a public safety issue and were concerned that it wouldn’t survive another Sandy-like weather event.

After a winter with record snowfalls and several buildings suffering major roof collapses due to the tremendous weight of all that snow, PS 31 still stands.

BREAKING NEWS: Bronx Borough President Calls On The City To Issue A New RFP For PS 31; Also Calls For New Waterfront District In The Lower Concourse

During Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr’s State of the Borough address today, he publicly called upon the city to issue a new Request for Proposal for PS 31 and to truly explore whether or not it needs to be demolished.

It seems the Borough President has listened to our cries for the building to be salvaged since our petition to save the building was addressed to him among others.