Melrose Murals and the Arts

Over the next few months, Welcome2Melrose will be featuring photographs of local murals as well…

Picture of the Day

Typical Sunday at BJ's in the Gateway Center Mall…after only 3 weeks from opening, this…

Lottery Now Open for 161 New Apartments in Melrose

A brand new development in the Melrose neighborhood of The Bronx that’s nearing completion is now accepting applications for some truly affordable units. Cauldwell Avenue Apartments, located at 735 Cauldwell Avenue and…


Spelunking in Melrose – Old Ebling Brewery Beer Caves

When people think of The Bronx and Melrose in particular the last thing on their mind’s are the words brewery and caves.  According to local histories it seems that Melrose had its share of both as was first mentioned this past week on NY1 as reported by Dean Meminger. On Wednesday, I had the privelage of touring…

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Melrose Beer Caves

Welcome2Melrose just had the privilege of taking a tour of the former Ebling Brewery's beer caves along with The New York Times.  Here are just a few pics taken just moments ago. Stay tuned for more pictures and more on the brewery! Ed García CondeThe "Mayor" of Melrose917-532-7504

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Holiday Lights in Melrose

Gateway Center Mall Entrance to Gateway Center Mall @ E 149th Street and River Avenue Garden Apartment @ Maria Lopez Plaza On E 151st Street and Morris Avenue Maria Lopez Plaza – Garden Apartments Maria Lopez Plaza – Garden Apartments Building on E 157th Street between Melrose Avenue and Elton Avenue

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