Arts & Culture

Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media: Arts & Culture is alive in our borough and The Bronx has been at the forefront of arts and culture for decades and isn’t something new to the borough. We’ve been creating and exporting the arts in all its disciplines as long as our borough has been around. From the founding of Hip-hop to fashion designers and major entertainment artists along with the visual and literary arts, we’ve been doing it.

Opening Reception: Bronx Junior Photo League Exhibition

Today, Friday June 3rd at 5pm, please join us at The Bronx Documentary Center for one of my favorite shows: The Bronx Junior Photo League year end exhibition.

This exhibition is the culmination of an intensive yet free after school photography class where the kids, who range from 11 to 18 years, display their photography and multimedia projects.

Through the hardworking volunteers and staff at the BDC, coupled with our youth’s thirst for knowledge, throughout the past several years, they have churned out quality and professional work that’s beyond impressive for their age.