Popular European discount supermarket, Lidl, is coming to The Bronx

Lidl, the wildly popular discount European supermarket, is finally opening up a store in The Bronx.

While shopping at the Bronx Terminal Market yesterday, we saw the announcement at the former Michael’s arts and crafts location in the mall which closed for good during the pandemic.

Ever since Lidl opened its first store in the United States in 2017 in Virginia, many New Yorkers familiar with the supermarket and big savings they offer back in Europe have been hoping for one to open nearby. And while the first New York City location opened on Staten Island in 2018, it was not accessible to most New Yorkers.

Lidl is coming to the Bronx Terminal Market

Eventually, location opened in Astoria and Harlem but still none in The Bronx.

Now, our borough will finally get another and much needed quality, discount supermarket especially given the inflation of the past several years.

Lidl is much like Aldi which also offers deep discounts on groceries and both operate on similar principles of carrying mostly store brands versus national brands (although Lidl tends to offer more national brands as well) which keeps prices down when compared to regular supermarkets.

Lidl operates with a no-frills approach. The store layout is typically simple, with products often displayed in their shipping cartons to reduce labor costs. With a focus on efficiency, the brand ensures speedy checkout processes and relies on a small but high-turnover range of products.

They also offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and a range of produce at affordable prices making them an attractive destination for such items.

One of the things that sets Lidl apart from Aldi, is that most stores have a bakery, usually located at the entrance, filled with freshly baked goods and honestly, the aroma is a bit too enticing easily bringing in customers just by good smells alone.

Both stores also were founded in Germany and quickly spread across Europe but where Lidl began operating in the US in 2017, Aldi has been in the US since 1976.

Such stores like Lidl are a welcomed relief for consumers thanks to the deep savings they offer. I’ve been a loyal shopper at Aldi in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx and oftentimes my groceries cost almost 50% less when compared to other supermarkets. I’ve also shopped at Lidl in Harlem and simply love their wide variety of items as well.

Now, having Lidl AND Aldi in the South Bronx is the perfect compliment for discounted grocery shopping.

Currently there is no exact set date for their grand opening but we’ll make sure to let you know once we find out!

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