Yankee Stadium Mass Vaccination Site Opens Tomorrow, Appointments Now Being Accepted

Starting tomorrow, Yankee Stadium will be open as a mass vaccination site exclusively for Bronx residents and like all vaccination sites it’s free.

The site will be operating by SOMOS Community Care 7 days a week between 8AM and 8PM and currently as of this moment, the majority of the time slots are still open except for tomorrow which is already booked.

Eligibility is currently limited to Bronx residents over the age of 65, front line workers including restaurant workers and taxi drivers which were just added to the list (check here to see if you’re eligible).

In order to prove your Bronx residency, you must provide:

One of the following:

  • State or government-issued ID;
  • Statement from landlord;
  • Current rent receipt or lease;
  • Mortgage records.

Two of the following:

  • Statement from another person;
  • Current mail;
  • School records.

To make your appointment, click here.

Remember, there are many residents who will not be able to make appointments on their own for a variety of reasons.

It’s also important to help your undocumented neighbors and let them know that they too can get vaccinated at zero cost and risk to their legal status.

Check with your friends and family and offer to make the appointment for them if they’re eligible. Together we can fight against this pandemic.

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