From The Bronx to the World on 9/11

If you didn’t live in NYC or were here, you will never comprehend 8:46AM on 9/11.

You won’t understand what it feels like to spontaneously just cry your soul out when you remember.

You may have watched it on TV and read about it, saw the horrific images but if you didn’t live here or were in New York City when it happened, you cannot comprehend the trauma we experienced living in New York City.

This isn’t to diminish your suffering. This is simply a perspective; MY perspective on it during the past 19 years.

From hundreds of conversations (maybe thousands by now) with folks who weren’t near the areas or even region, I’ve been able to make this observation.

You just don’t really get it or comprehend the severity and magnitude of what we suffered that day.

We New Yorkers know with just a look and generally don’t need to put it into words.

Chances are you also don’t suffer from some sort of mental illness as a result whether it’s anxiety, depression, PTSD or any combination thereof.

I miss how we were so united afterwards. Sadly it only lasted for a brief moment.

PS we’re still dying. Over 2,000 have died since 9/11 as a result of 9/11 related illnesses and over 10,000 first responders have been diagnosed with cancer.

Never ever forget but if you didn’t live in New York City, you will never understand.

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