MTA’s New OMNY Tap and Go Contactless Payment System Now Available at All Bronx Subway Stations

Since late last year the MTA has been rolling out the OMNY tap and go contactless payment system in The Bronx and New York City.

Now, the MTA has completed installation and activation of the new payment system in The Bronx and will eventually replace metro cards across the system.

Utilizing your NFC enabled smartphone, credit or debit card, you no longer have tu use a metro card or stand in line to refill your card.

You simply tap your phone or card at the turnstile and walk right through.

The system currently only works for pay per rides and you cannot use your weekly or monthly unlimited cards since it’s still not available at every subway station in New York City nor is it an all buses.

Once the system is in place at all stations and buses by the end of the year, then you’ll be able to use your weekly and monthly unlimited “cards” via your smartphone or OMNY card as well as senior and other discounts currently available.

Cash will still be accepted to refill your cards so this is not getting rid of cash as payment given that many residents in The Bronx do not have a bank account or credit cards.

We’ve used this system for a year now and continue to be amazed at how much more efficient and faster it is than metro cards.

Go to their website to learn more about OMNY.

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