WATCH: Hundreds of Protesters Take Over the Grand Concourse in a March Against Police Brutality

On Sunday, June 7, hundreds of protesters gathered at Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse and marched down the famed boulevard towards the Bronx County Courthouse at 161st Street as protests continued for almost two weeks now throughout the city and the country.

This march came at the heels of more police brutality: Thursday night’s kettling of peaceful protesters in Mott Haven 15 minutes before the 8PM curfew not allowing them to leave and then proceeding to beat the protesters and pepper spray them.

It was an utterly unprovoked attack that left a number of people brutally injured due to the gang of thugs known as the NYPD.

Yesterday’s march continued to Harlem after a pit-stop at the courthouse gathering more people along the way.

Watch the videos below from PIX11 News and News12 The Bronx:

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