BREAKING: NYPD Assaults Hundreds of Peaceful Protesters in The Bronx

Update: Sources retracted that tear gas was used but said pepper spray was used. In the panic, people thought it was tear gas as well.

We have received confirmation from several credible sources that the NYPD in the South Bronx entrapped hundreds of protesters before the 8pm curfew in Mott Haven blocking them from leaving and being able to comply.

We have live stream footage below as well as sources confirming violent assault by the NYPD on civilians they entrapped to harass and beat.

Hundreds of officers were at the ready in The Hub for today’s protest.

This is a violent assault on our people and what’s supposed to be our constitutional rights.

By all accounts this was a peaceful protest and the only violence came from the NYPD.

We were there at the rally earlier and it was without incident except hundreds of officers ready to intimidate.

Watch the full account as it unfolds below:

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