Citi Bike to Begin Expansion Into the South Bronx Next Week

After waiting for so many years, Citi Bike is finally arriving in The Bronx within the next couple of weeks as docking stations will be installed across the Melrose, Mott Haven, and Port Morris neighborhoods of the borough.

The first expansion into the South Bronx will begin in Community Board 1 followed by 3 and 4.

The arrival of the ride share program in The Bronx couldn’t have come at a better time as social distancing continues to rule our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shut down.

In order to help essential workers commute safely, Citi Bike is offering free membership to such employees via their Critical Workforce Membership Program.

As a reminder, SNAP recipients and NYCHA residents can get a deeply discounted membership for just $5 a month.

We look forward to seeing Bronxites taking advantage of this alternate form of transportation!

Installation of docking stations should begin on May 4.

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